Investigating OASI Privatization

Introduced as part of Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal, Social Security redefined the role of the government in American life in an almost revolutionary way, similar to the widespread adoption of public education. Despite it's out-sized impact, Old Age and Survivors Insurance (what most people refer to when they speak of Social Security) continues to be … Continue reading Investigating OASI Privatization

Discussing The Progressive Consumption Tax

In early January 2003, a interesting bill was referred to the House Ways and Means Committee: H.R.269 Simplified USA Tax Act of 2003. This bill, sponsored by then-Representative of Pennsylvania Phil English, would, among other things, replace the federal income, estate, and gift taxes with a "progressive consumption tax." In the other words, a tax … Continue reading Discussing The Progressive Consumption Tax

Social Capital and Public Policy

Progressives and social democrats in America have espoused the virtues of comprehensive social insurance, universal healthcare, universal college, universal housing, among other things. I believe generally liberals and socialist have two different core reasons for their support of public programs like these, and I'd like to discuss my views and approach to public policy with … Continue reading Social Capital and Public Policy

How Much Would It Cost For California To Adopt A Single-Payer Health Care System?

I'm going to get straight to the point. How much would it cost for the state of California to fund a "Medicare-for-All" single-payer healthcare system? Well, the short answer is that in 2019 it would've cost approximately $240 billion, or about 7.5% of gross state product. But Please don't close out just yet! You should … Continue reading How Much Would It Cost For California To Adopt A Single-Payer Health Care System?